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Digital Media

ICP's school has three digital media labs accessible to students seven days a week. Each lab has:

  • 49 desktop stations with Adobe Creative Suite 

  • Scanners and/or printers linked to each station

Additionally, our Digital Media facilities include:

  •  Canon Inkjet Printers (1000 series, up to 17"x22")

  • Canon 2000 and 4000 (24" and 44" roll printing)

  • Hasselblad Imacon X5 and X1 scanners

  • Epson flatbed scanners

  • Copy stand scanning systems 

  • Negative Supply hardware

  • Light tables


ICP has two darkrooms onsite for processing and developing black and white film. Within our darkrooms are:

  • 25 Saunders enlarger stations with built in filtration (can print up to 4x5 negatives)

  • Omega enlarger for 4x5 negatives

  • DeVere enlarger for 8x10 negatives

  • UV LED Light Cabinet (up to 30"x40" prints)

  • Film processing sink with pre-mixed chemicals

  • Film drying cabinet

  • Film processing tanks, funnels, gloves, aprons, and other materials required for film processing

  • Light-tight workstations

Our Darkroom Facilities consist of two large spaces for class and open lab use. We have 25 identical Saunders enlarger stations with built in filtration that print up to 4x5 negatives, one Omega enlarger for 4x5 negatives, and one DeVere 8x10 enlarger, for a total of 27 print stations. Our state-of-the-art labs have rooms for printing, developing, toning, drying, finishing, and exposing alternative materials with a UV LED light cabinet for up to 30x40 Inch prints. 

Equipment Room

ICP's Equipment Room provides a wide collection of photography equipment for short-term rentals to full-time students: 

  • Canon and Sony camera bodies, including Canon L and Sony G series professional models

  • Wide range of lenses at different focal lengths

  • Leica, Nikon, and Canon 35mm cameras

  • Mamiya, Hasselblad, Fuji, and other rare medium format cameras

  • 4x5 field and rail camera kits

  • Profoto flash lighting kit

  • On-camera flash kits

  • Compact lighting systems

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