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Faculty at ICP

In ICP's One-Year Certificate programs, students have the opportunity to study with a wide range of faculty members who are top practitioners in their fields. ICP's faculty members are active artists and working professionals who offer many perspectives and opportunities for learning to our students.

Creative Practices Faculty


Aimee Walleston

Alex Thebez

Allen Frame

Bradley Dever Treadaway

Cedric vonNiederhausern

Chandra Glick

Clifford Owens

Corrine May Botz

Darin Mickey

David Campany

Debi Cornwall

Ed Panar

Elizabeth Renstrom

Fabiana Sala

Frank Franca

Fred Ritchin

Gaia Squarci

Jacqueline Silberbush

Jason Fulford

Jesal Kapadia

Jesse Chan

Joanna Lehan

John Ewing

Joseph Desler Costa

Juan Orrantia

Julie Pochron

Kathryn Harrison

Keisha Scarville

Landon Nordeman

Liz Sales

Marina Berio

Melissa Catanese

Mengwen Cao

Nicholas Pollack

Reuben Radding

Sarah Stacke

Saul Metnick

Susan Kae Grant

Susannah Ray

Tricia Rosenkilde

Zack Pintchik

Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism Faculty

Aimme Walleston

Alice Gabriner

Alex Thebez

Alexey Yurnev

Alice O'Malley

Amy Touchetter

Andre Lamberston

Andrew Hinderaker

Andrew Lichtenstein

Annie Ling

Bill Armstrong

Bob Sacha

Brownwen Lattimer

Cedric von Niederhausern

David Campany

Debi Cornwall

Elizabeth Renstrom

Elizabth Krist

Frank Franka

Fred Ritchin

Gaia Scarci

Gail Fletcher

Greg Miller

Jacques Menasche

Jacquline Silberbush

Jessie Chan

Joao Pina

John Ewing

Jon Henry

Jonh Ewing

Jonthan Schienberg

Karen Marshall

Keisha Scarville

Landon Nordeman

Maggie Steber

Megwen Cao

Patricia Silva

Sabine Meyer

Sara Hylton

Sarah Stacke

Saul Mednick

Scott Those

Stephanie Heimann

Stephen Ferry

Susannah Ray

Sylvia Plachy

Teun van der Heijden

Ying Ang


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