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Student Life 

Aerial Photo of a City

Living in New York City

ICP’s integrated center at 79 Essex Street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan spans a full city block between Ludlow Street and Essex Street. The closest subway stops are Essex-Delancey (J/Z/F/M) and Grand (B/D), both of which are just steps away. 

This dynamic space serves as a permanent home for ICP's exhibition and education programs and for our community of members, photographers, artists, scholars, museumgoers, students, alumni, and faculty. The neighborhood is a welcoming and inspiring destination known for its converging cultures and creative spirit. 

Cost of Living

Securing housing should be your first priority. Allow ample time to arrive and settle into your surroundings before orientation begins. Many people will be looking for housing at the same time, as most of the schools in the New York area begin in September. Once you find housing, make arrangements for services such as telephone and utilities (gas and electric.)


Low-cost apartments range from $900 to $1,500 and can be difficult to find, but such places do exist.

The ICP Pads Facebook Group is open to anyone in the ICP community looking for or posting available housing.

Finances And Budgeting

New York City can be as expensive as it is exciting. It is important to plan your finances carefully. ICP estimates the combined costs of tuition, housing, photographic supplies, food, transportation and entertainment to be more than $55,000 for the academic year.

Here we’ve illustrated the estimated annual living costs:

Housing $12,000

Food $5,000

Personal Items and Clothing $3,000

Local Transportation $1,300

Books and Photographic Materials $6,500

Total Yearly Expenses (excluding tuition): $27,800

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