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Documentary Practice: 
Visual Storytelling Online

ICP's new online One-Year Certificate Program is designed for the global visual storytelling community, providing advanced students an intensive yearlong course of study to strengthen personal vision, refine skills and technique, and explore the many disciplines informing visual storytelling today.

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Documentary Practice: Visual Storytelling Online

This 12-month re-imagined online program allows students who are unable to attend ICP’s full-time program in New York City the opportunity to participate from around the globe.  Tailored specifically to the online environment this rigorous program will offer a combination of intensive classroom guided study and independent fieldwork. 

Students will be encouraged to think both locally and globally about the stories they are creating. The student-centered curriculum emphasizes class discussions and critiques in a supportive learning atmosphere.  By exploring the history of visual storytelling, developing new and challenging technical skills in still photography and multimedia, students will learn strategies for publication, and create long-term documentary projects that examine the human experience. 

The faculty at ICP are some of the foremost practitioners in the field today. Working with world-renowned photographers and editors, students will develop their own unique visual voice, all within a community of other documentarians.  

The year is divided into three terms. In semester 1 and 3 students should expect to participate in approximately 12 to 15 live contact hours per week that may include a few additional intensive weekend workshops. In Term 2, students will work independently on a long-term project with faculty mentorship.  

Class sessions will be offered primarily in Eastern Standard Time. Students will be required to participate in courses and meetings during this time as part of the interactive live learning modality. Classes and mentorship meetings are live sessions in Zoom.  

Left: Rasha Al Jundi (DOC Online '23)

Top: Anamika Chowdhury (DOC Online '23)

Curriculum &
Program Structure

There are three terms within the calendar year: 


Term 1: January–May 

Live classes (approximately 12 hours a week) combined with ongoing weekly assignments which include: photography assignments, readings, technical post-production and writing.  

Group discussions will focus on history, best practices and methodologies, and innovative media, as well as the political, ethical, and social concerns of the photographer. 

Term 2: May–August 

Independent field work.  Students will not meet in classes during this Term. Students will be expected to work on a long form independent documentary project during this time.  During this second Term of the program the student’s work will be guided by periodic mentor check ins.   

Term 3: September–December 

Live classes (approximately 12 hours a week) along with ongoing weekly assignments which include: photographing, post-production, and writing. Focus will be on resolving and completing long term projects, editing, and sequencing, bookmaking, multi-media production, and interactive web design. Each student will complete a long form documentary project that demonstrates a synthesis of their learning and creative experience in the program. 

  • Students must supply their own equipment: 

    • Professional camera gear  

    • Computer with stable internet connection 

    • Hard drive 

  • Students will be provided access to the Adobe Creative Suite and should be able to download and run all Adobe programs on their computer. 

Students who successfully complete their studies will be included in the end of year OYC exhibition in the ICP museum on Essex Street in New York City. Graduates will also be invited to participate in student portfolio reviews. 

The application is now closed.

Applications for the 2024 Program Year are now closed. 

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